Downsizing inevitably requires you to sort through all your possessions. You have a home full of memories and many of the items within its walls are attached to those memories.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed about where to start, consider hiring a decluttering specialist. They can help you make decisions about what you want to and can keep and what to let go.

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A good place to start is with items that hold little emotional value but take up a lot of space. The den, kitchen and closets are where we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff we might not need going forward.

Start making some decisions about:

  • What to donate
  • What to sell
  • What to pass on to family

But before you do that, talk to a professional who can assess what has monetary value. You'll want to hire someone who can be completely objective about your possessions but also compassionate about what has meaning for you.


  Marion, is now like family to me. She understands me and is patient and thorough with explanation of the details.

Annette Giannini, York, ON

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