Before your home goes on the market, you should take some initial steps to get it ready.

There are certain ways to get your house in good shape and ready to sell. A coat of fresh paint goes a long way to update and brighten your home.

Decluttering and clearing counters can make a kitchen appear larger. Pulling weeds or adding plants indoors can change curb appeal or make the home more inviting.

For sale sign

Home staging tips


You don't have to undertake major renovations to get your home ready for sale. Minor adjustments -indoors and out - can make your home appealing to buyers.

De-personalize your home by removing family photos, trophies and awards, vacation souvenirs, and any religious decor. As buyers view your home they will be trying to visualize it being their own house and that can be difficult if all they see is your family's personal belongings.

Clean the home from the floors to the windows. Make it shine and hire professionals if needed. Small repairs such as fixing the leaky faucet and replacing all the burned out bulbs will make a difference too.

Home Selling Process


  Marion, is now like family to me. She understands me and is patient and thorough with explanation of the details.

Annette Giannini, York, ON

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