Organize these 30 most important documents before you die

It's not a topic people want to really think about, but it's an inevitability we all will face. Setting up your death dossier - a file of documents your heirs will need following your death - can prevent frustration and financial pain. The following list will help you prepare and organize the documents you should have in your death dossier.

The Essentials

These are the documents and information your heirs will need to access immediately after your death, such as:

  • Passwords for all your online accounts
  • Tax Returns
  • Funeral Plan documents and contacts
  • Contact information for your lawyer
  • The Will and Codicil
  • Estate Trust
  • Power of Attorney

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Health Care

It's critical that you have all your affairs in order for your heirs. Your family should be able to access all the pertinent health care information they will need after your passing.

  • Personal and Family medical histories
  • Health Care Insurance
  • Power of Attorney for personal care
  • Organ Donation Information
  • Living Will
  • Do Not Resuscitate Order

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Medical records

Proof Of Ownership

Being prepared with all the pertinent proof of ownership documents organized in one place will save a great deal of frustration for your heirs.

  • House, land and cemetery deeds
  • Mortgage documents
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Corporate/Partnership Agreements
  • Stocks, bonds, brokerage account info

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Other Documents

Some of the remaining documents that are important to collect and organize so your heirs will have everything needed following your death:

  • Life Insurance and Retirement
  • Bank and Credit Accounts
  • Marriage and Divorce Certificates

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