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We're always talking about what you should do before buying a home. Getting preapproved, finding a great realtor, determining needs and wants and researching neighbourhoods usually top the list when it comes to prepping for a new home purchase.

It's also important to note a few crucial things that you should NOT do before making the largest purchase of your life. Even one of these missteps may affect your preapproval (which is never a guarantee) so avoid doing these five things until after you've closed on your new home!

1. Don't change jobs. Lenders like to see employment stability so the months before you buy a home are not the time to start job hunting.

2. Avoid making large purchases. This is definitely not the time to splurge on that new car, fancy jet ski or even the pricey bedroom set that you've been eyeing. Such major purchases will raise your debt-to-income ratio. Instead, keep building your savings and wait until after you've moved into a home to decide if this purchase is still possible.

3. Don't co-sign a loan. Even if you're absolutely sure that the party you are co-signing for is financially secure, a lender will not look favourably on you co-signing a loan during the mortgage approval process.

4. Don't let those due dates slide by. While paying your bills on time is always a good habit, it is especially crucial when lenders are closely examining your financial history and credit rating.

5. Don't get emotionally attached. When that perfect home comes along, it will be easy to fall in love from the moment you walk through the front door. But this can be dangerous, especially with the current real estate market. Homes are selling for over asking price, so make sure that you are only looking at listings that fall within your budget and mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of being outbid.

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  Marion was referred to me by a very highly respected "business friend" and she proved to be all that my friend boasted about. I did not really think that I needed an agent to assist me in selling my home ......... but I was proven to be wrong ! Many of the "details" would have been sorely overlooked and could have proven to be a disaster for me ! Marion handles every detail with great professionalism and was able to complete my sales transaction without a worry to me. I would, indeed, recommend Marion to my friends knowing that I was doing them a great service.

Burlington ON

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