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Fur, fleece and everything cosy will help warm up your home this winter. These frigid temperatures cause the need to cosy up your space and add warmth to get you through this chilly season. There are some simple things to help that can be easily accomplished in no time.

First, simply keep extra blankets handy. In rooms of your home where you relax and curl up, have lots of extra blankets in soft fabrics like fleece or soft wool. Faux fur especially is a great option to add warmth. You can store them in a basket or display throws on the back of the sofa or chair. Also, make your throw pillows cozier! Choose pillows in soft and fuzzy fabrics like velvet or fleece. 

Next, think about your toes and add fluffy, cosy rugs to the room! A faux fur or sheepskin rug will certainly take the chill off your feet, and don’t forget about shag. Swapping out the floor covering for a shaggy rug adds softness and can immediately make you feel warmer.

The windows need some warming up as well. Bare windows certainly are colder, and your window treatments can be made more winter-appropriate. Thin and sheer fabrics can be switched up for heavier, thicker drapes for the winter months. This appears cosier and actually helps keep out cold drafts too. 

Of course, take advantage of your fireplace if you have one. If you don’t, setting up clusters of candles will definitely set a cosy scene. 

You can also warm things up in your home visually. Add the impression of warmth with accessories in metallics like gold, copper and bronze, and use warm colours such as orange, gold, terra-cotta and red or muted and soft tones. 

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  Marion is absolutely my preferred realtor – especially for boomers and seniors when aging may require extra care and understanding. As a seniors-accredited realtor she also represents a unique and key approach, Sell N Stay, allowing seniors to retain the comfort of their home while obtaining the full equity value (and simplifying family estate). Many of my friends are realtors and I fully respect them. Marion goes over and above, providing highest care, attention, and diligence for all her clients and their families.

Brian and Virginia, Waterdown

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