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With Ontario seeing its fair share of rainfall this spring, it's never too late to take some extra measures to protect your home, especially those who reside in flood-prone areas. If this is your first spring in a new home, ask around the neighbourhood to find out if the area has ever had issues with flooding during heavy spring rainfalls.

Occasionally, improper home maintenance may be the culprit in a basement flood, so take the proper steps to prevent an expensive mess in your home!

The first place to start is with your roof and eavestroughs. Take a look at your home's system and make sure things are functioning as they should. Gutters should be free of debris and correctly connected to downspouts to ensure that water is efficiently flowing from the roof. Also ensure that downspouts are carrying water far enough away from your home (about two metres is a good rule of thumb) and depositing it on a surface that slopes away from your foundation.

Check the storm sewers on the street near your home, clearing them of any debris.

If you have a sump pump, ensure that it is in good working order. Consider purchasing a generator, which will keep your pump working in the event of a power outage.

If you do end up with a flooded basement this spring, stay safe and prevent greater damage. Don't run water or flush toilets if your basement drains are plugged, turn off any electrical circuits that are in danger of coming into contact with moisture and try to remove water as quickly as possible to prevent major mold damage.

In addition, if you have children at home, be sure to talk to them about the dangers of flash flooding. Intense rainfalls – over 50mm of rain in a few hours time – can cause extremely hazardous conditions near rivers, creeks and low-lying areas very quickly. Warn children to keep their distance.

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  Marion was referred to me by a very highly respected "business friend" and she proved to be all that my friend boasted about. I did not really think that I needed an agent to assist me in selling my home ......... but I was proven to be wrong ! Many of the "details" would have been sorely overlooked and could have proven to be a disaster for me ! Marion handles every detail with great professionalism and was able to complete my sales transaction without a worry to me. I would, indeed, recommend Marion to my friends knowing that I was doing them a great service.

Client, Burlington ON

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