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As summer dwindles you might be preoccupied with back-to-school routines, but don’t neglect your yard! Keep your landscaping healthy right up until you cut the lawn and trim the hedges for the last time this season.

Well Water

Give plants a deep watering once a week. A good single soak is better than a few smaller waterings here and there. Not only will watering keep your plants looking hydrated, the deep soak will promote a stronger root system. If they seem to dry out quickly with the heat, water every five days instead of weekly. 

Forget the Fertilizer (for now)

Fertilizing now isn’t necessary since greenery has been subjected to such a hot summer. Fertilizer isn’t beneficial at this time of year and instead burns roots or foliage if added too late into the summer. What your plants likely need most now is water.

All the Trimmings

Perennials that have any brown or wilted parts should be pruned. Once that’s done, give them some extra water, which will encourage new growth. Even if the plant doesn’t spring back to life right away, it will more than likely blossom well next spring.

Mucho Mulch

Wind and rain (and burrowing critters) can erode the mulch from around your plantings and in walkways. Mulch should be about two inches deep in order to help keep the area cool for the plants and help prevent weeds. If it’s low, add more to bulk up the areas that need it.

In the Weeds

Weeds can shoot up before you know it, maybe even taking your stress levels up a little too. If these pesky invaders take over or get too big they’ll be taking precious water, space, and sunlight away from your plants. Early morning or early evening weeding is best as temperatures cool down.

A Cut Above

It’s time to raise the cutting height of the lawnmower. Longer blades of grass keep the lawn’s roots cooler. Plus, cutting in the evening can also give the lawn more time to relax and recover from the cut and daytime heat.

Once this is all taken care of, you can continue to enjoy your yard right up until it’s covered in snow!

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