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Staging your home is an important step towards selling and when you desire a quick sell there are ways you can do the job yourself. Home staging is beneficial because it impresses buyers with a great first impression and they do not want to see a home with work that needs to be done. Staging is also said to help sell quickly and for the highest possible price.

There are some areas that are the most important to stage. These include the entryway, living room, kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom. The first step is to clean the house. Make it spotless! Clean every corner, even if you think they can’t see it. You want everything to look sparkling and brand new.

Decluttering is essential when showing your home. Clutter makes the house crowded, feel smaller and distracts the potential buyers from the beautiful features your home has to offer. You may even want to rent a storage space to keep the storage areas in your home like closets clutter free as well. Remove items from countertops and shelves, like knic-knacks. Too much furniture also adds clutter to the home. See what furniture items you can remove to help the home look much larger. You’ll want to remove any items in the home that are personal to your family, like family photos and items with names on them etc. This helps the buyer envision themselves in the home. 

Overall it is best to have the decorating kept very neutral. This includes wall paint. You might want to consider changing boldly coloured walls to something light, neutral and modern. Painting is affordable and a quick way to make a big difference. 

The last do-it-yourself staging step is to check over the lighting in each room. Good lighting is one of the things that helps your staged home to look warm and welcoming. You can simply increase the wattage in your bulbs and also add more fixtures to the space, like floor lamps and table lamps. 

These quick and easy staging steps should help you sell your house in no time!

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  We were looking for a real estate agent to represent the market accurately and Marion did that for us. She is very professional. She gave us the best effort at all time and represented us very well. I am extremely pleased with our interaction with Marion.

Guy and Yvonne, Burlington

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