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When selling your home you want to gain as much exposure in the market as possible. This day in age a good realtor is using social media to best market your home. Here are some of the ways they can gain a strong social media presence and how that will benefit you. 

Social media creates a buzz around your home and makes it easy to get the word out. When hiring a realtor it is important to ask them how they market your home and make sure this includes a strong social media presence. Marketing on social media allows interaction with users and promoting your property and events like open houses. Homes can be marketed on many platforms of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. Your agent should be well connected in all of these areas, as buyers are on social media daily. 

Realtors should start with posting the listing to all pages to get it out there. They can then add awesome online features like virtual tours, professional photographs and even live videos. These create hype and give people a more detailed inside look at your property for sale. 

You should also take part in marketing your home on social media yourself. The realtor should set things up in a way that makes it easy for you to share the information on your own pages as well. Also the potential homebuyers out there will want to share their top picks with family and friends, so having it easily shareable is a must. 

So get using your hashtags and posting your pictures and see how the world of social media can help you sell your home! 


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  Marion had completed a number of sales in our community -- and she had worked very hard to have a professional and supportive presence there. When we first contacted Marion, we were a long time away from wanting to/being able to take action. She worked with us throughout this period and provided very helpful market research. along with specific information about prospective properties for us once we were ready to sell. The production of sales material on our home was creative and impressive. She was able to capture its special features, and showcased beautifully the expansiveness of the property. We enjoyed working with Marion. She was patient and supportive and understood that the second half of our initiative (the purchase) was just as important as the first. Thank you, Marion.

Carol Kalbfleisch, Burlington

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